2015 Newsletter

LucyOur mission

To save the lives of animals. To prevent suffering by providing a safe haven/sanctuary for homeless and abandoned animals unable to fend for themselves.

Fortunately, there are many who recognise that in order to carry out our commitment to prevent animal suffering, a high level of financial support is needed. Our Charity has always been blessed with loyal supporters who recognise that rescuing animals involves a huge financial outlay. Thanks to this support, abandoned animals such as Lucy, highlighted here with her one remaining kitten and found abandoned in a box, can be cared for. Lucy is not an isolated case. Abandoned animals occur every minute of the day and will starve or perish if not lovingly cared for.

Houdini the dogAbandoned animals also run the risk of becoming injured, such as Houdini, photographed here with a veterinary head collar after surgery. Houdini is a very fortunate little fellow in that he was rescued from a Corporation dog pound minutes before being put to sleep. He now has a loving and caring home, having recovered from his injuries.

Happy in their new forever homes

Mr Tom the catMister Tom is definitely one of the family now. He has slimmed down a bit but still has a big appetite! He has been on his first short holiday (to cattery in Gilston) – he wasn’t impressed but hopefully he will enjoy it next time. He is such a loving cat and adores cuddles all day long. Debra Readshaw

Mabel the dogJust to let you know Mabel is settling down well in her new home. She is loving her walks, meeting new dogs and people. The local squirrel population is going to be in for some serious harassment when we start letting her off the lead!! Everyone loves her personality and it’s very clear to see she is used to living in a family home. Marion and Richard

Patch the dogIts been another great year. Having fun running around the countryside. I love my long walks on the beach and ripping my toys apart at home. I love keeping a watch out at home. Patch (and Gary Maynard!)

Storm the catWe would just like to give you an update on how our lovely cat, Storm is settling in. She is doing very well and it is as if she has never lived anywhere else. Storm quickly settled into her routine and has identified and claimed quite a few spots around the house as hers! On top of that she loves tonnes of affection and cuddles, none of which is in short supply because she is so lovable. We’ve started letting her outside this weekend… she’s done very well and as soon as she hears the door she’s there ready for another adventure. We would like to thank Tasha and Karen for helping me with the very difficult decision making process as well as the fantastic work you and all the staff and volunteers at the charity do. Christa and Alex Neate

Mittens the catI just wanted to give you an update on how Mittens is settling in to his new home….I was surprised he settled so quickly, he hid for a bit as expected but by the evening he was out exploring and sitting with us all – he didn’t know who to go to first for love, he spent the evening going from lap to lap. He also followed us up to bed and slept with us which was very unexpected. He has settled in to the house really well and we really could not ask for a more loving, affectionate & calm cat. Kelly & the Carter family

Stella & Ruby the catsThe wonderful girls (Stella and Ruby) have settled in so well like they have always been here. They have made some new doggie friends and love going to the woods. Ruby sniffs out everything – rats, rabbits – you name it and she will find it. Stella and Ruby have such fun play fighting. They sound like a couple of horses going up and down the hall. We are all so in love with them. Lyn Michael & Donna Quinlan

Garfield & Polly the catsGarfield and Polly (Or Gus and Paige as they are now known) would like to thank ARC for looking after them and finding them a forever home. As you can see they have fitted in very well to their new environment although to begin with Gus was a bit grumpy. He and Paige seem to have a love-hate relationship – one minute they are cleaning each other the next they are off running, chasing and play fighting. Gus has turned into a male friendly cat and enjoys cuddles with his new daddy, Paige will take fuss and play from anyone! They are very much loved, even at 4am when Paige jumps on the bed wanting a fuss. We couldn’t imagine our lives without them now and would like to thank the staff for encouraging us to take the two together as they truly are a complimentary pair. Sam and Stu

In memory of some special friends

Billy the dogWe rescued Billy from you in April last year. He had a heart condition when we rescued him. Sadly today on his afternoon walk his heart went into an aneurysm and he died instantly in my arms. Billy has had a fabulous time since we’ve had him and has been given absolutely everything. We would like to thank you for letting us have him and being able to give him the love that he so desperately craved. On a final note this just goes to prove that whatever the situation is, every animal like Billy, even with his short life expectancy is worth that chance. Sophie and Sam Bennett-Acres

Boo the catI just thought I would let you know that after three happy years spent in our home, Boo has now peacefully passed on to cat heaven. She was an absolute delight and I loved her dearly, a very special little cat. She enjoyed the garden, especially the sun and liked nothing better than to snuggle up on your lap, at any given opportunity, she was a true lap cat. Boo had the company of another cat and dog and spent her old age happily and peacefully with us. Sonia Kruppa

Some of our favourite pictures…..Charlie, Derek and Candy

Charlie, Derek and Candy

Donations in memory

Our heartfelt thanks to relatives and friends who have donated in memory of their loved ones;

Animals – Bisto and Shadow

Friends & Family – Annie Mottershead, Doreen Scatchard, Pat Rose

Cherry Mitchell – We have set up a Just giving text campaign in memory of the work and dedication of Cherry Mitchell, our manager, who sadly passed away recently. If you would like to donate, please text CHER13 followed by the amount £2/£3/£5 etc to 70070.

Thank You

As always, we are deeply indebted to those who regularly contribute to our cause, either by deed or by way of subscription. Such support is vital to the achievements and functioning of our Charity.

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  1. Dear Animal Rescue Charity,

    Another colleague and I lead Bradbury House at Dame Bradbury’s School in Saffron Walden. One of our Year 6 House Captains, Chloe, recently won an election for ARC to become our chosen charity for this academic year! We hope you will be thrilled by this and will keep you posted throughout the year about events that we hope will bring in some much needed funds to support all the great work that you do. All good wishes.

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