* Priority Case * Benny Boy

   I am now 6 years old. I’m a loving dog with a big heart but I’ve seen many friends come and go but I’m still at ARC and have been for too long. Everyone is lovely here but I need my own special person who loves me, to snuggle up with at night.

   I think I’m very handsome but maybe not as cute as some. I woof alot at people when they come to see me which might have put them off. I can be strong so I would suit an active person or couple, so because of this children wouldn’t suit me.

   Please give me a chance, I would like to be in a home a Christmas with my own stocking under the tree. Help my dream come true, Love Benny x


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2 thoughts on “* Priority Case * Benny Boy

    1. Yes, Benny is a Staffie type with a loving nature but can be strong. A little training by a devoted person. Please contact the sanctuary directly 01279 501547

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