Our History & Mission Statement

Vicki YouensProviding a safe haven for neglected, unwanted and abandoned animals

The animal rescue charity was founded in 1990 by mother and daughter Jan Rose and Fiona Piggott after taking in strays from the local police dog pound. News travelled fast and soon waifs and strays where being left on their doorstep. Desperate funding and a more suitable home for these animals initiated the creation of the Charity, now affectionately known as “the small charity with a big heart” . Our aims and objectives are as follows:

To provide a safe haven (sanctuary) for neglected, unwanted and abandoned animals and wherever possible to treat and re-habilitate all animals including wildlife; sanctuary as we see it being a place of protection; a refuge.

Our aims are:

  • To overcome the pain and suffering previously endured, with kindness and understanding.
  • To treat animals with respect and compassion.
  • To be aware that because animals cannot speak for themselves we must be their voice.
  • To allow animals to live their life without fear or exploitation.
  • To run a rehabilitation programme, which ensures that any animal leaving us will be well cared for and afforded the affection so desperately needed in order to thrive.

Nikki ThurleyOur Team

The Animal Rescue Charity is made up of a dedicated team, without whom, we wouldn’t be able to function. Our team is made up of both volunteers and key staff, who work tirelessly to ensure all our animals are given the best care possible.

Our experienced managers Vicki Youens and Nikki Thurley, commenced their new roles in March this year and will be delighted to assist you with any animal related enquiries.

Planning for our future

At present we are awaiting planning approval for a site in Hertfordshire. We will keep our supporters updated on our progress.


Contact us today or telephone on 01279 _501547 to find out more about the Animal Rescue Charity or if you are thinking of making a Donation or would like to become a Volunteer. Don't forget to register for our Newsletter, visit our Blog, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.