My Friend Little Fidget

Many rescue animals become our saviour, even though it is us who have rescued them. Full of love and appreciation they can change our lives forever. This letter is from Emily and Fidget, Fidget was adopted from us 2 years ago.

“Dear ARC, 

My name is Emily and 2 and a half years ago I adopted my best friend from your amazing charity. His name was Bailey but I re-named him Fidget. I was going through a hard time, and Fidget has made me better. He keeps me sane and happy. 

He has grown to be very small but has a big personality. He comes to stable yards with me, he’s been on many holidays to Dorset. He is a one of a kind dog that I absolutely adore to pieces. I have you to thank for looking after him and bringing me and him together. 

I wish all the animals that are in your care and that will be rescued will have a happy and loving home as Fidget has now. 

Thank you so much. 

Kind Regards 

Emily and Fidget “

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