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Its been a little while since my last dogs blog…

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Where did you say the biscuits where?

      These builders do alot of head scratching with  tea un biscuits when I’m not there to supervise. Ummmmm…….. biscuits. Well, we had some wuff times last year but progress is now being made and we are now heads and tails on our way. 

     While I was supervising and guarding the biscuits, ahhhh……… biscuits. I got my humans to take some before and after pictures  (see if you can spot me),  its going to be our pawfect home. 

  Guess what, there’s even a shower un sofa…..

Maybe some biscuits?? Ahhhh biscuits……

We need a few paws on deck for our big move so if you handy humans have a van or can give us some help please give us a call 01279 501547.



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