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Fentons’ Builder Blog 2.9.18

Just look at that mess

       As promised I’m keeping the humans in order. On a recent inspection I discovered the place was a right mess! Looks like the humans had been snuffling through the bins for some tasty leftovers. Now I may have a guilty look but I’m used to the “it wasn’t me look” . Apart from my total  disgust at the lack of biscuits during the development meeting I did get time to check out the new glass tiles…..Stunning! I look so handsome in the reflection, uhem, I mean I approve.

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We’ve started building our new home.

Hi I’m Fenton and a few years back I was adopted from ARC by my new person who is working really hard on the new rescue home,  of course under my strict supervision. Follow our progress and I will keep you updated with how well my humans are doing along with lots of photos. I will probably be in quite a few because I’m important.  Here I am inspecting the pipework, I told them it needs a bit more work.

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