Arts and Crafts raise £200

A surprise donation of £200  has been received from Sandra Daly  from the proceeds of selling handmade cards in 2017. Sandra took home pussycats Bonnie and Darcy ten years ago and thought of us as the ideal recipients of this kind gesture.

Sandra says “Bonnie has become so cheeky after leaving you (10 years ago where has that gone) that you wouldn’t recognise her for the timid little thing you knew. Cream cakes cannot be left unattended and even if you have one in your hand its safety is not guaranteed cos Bonnie will try to swipe it lol

Hope all the animals in your care find loving homes in 2018.”

We cannot express how much donations such as this help us to continue our work, assisting with the costs of veterinary fees and heating.  Please continue to support us   

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