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Adoption Guidelines

Garfield & Polly the cats
It’s very unlikely that we have much reliable history on the animals in our care. During the animals time with the animal rescue charity, they are assessed and dogs are walked by us to find out as much as we can about their characters.

However, no kennel or cattery environment is the same as a home environment and the animals may display different  characteristics in the home that we not have seen. 

There are many aspects you need to consider before rehoming a rescue animal and therefore we ask that you read this before you go any further.   Houdini the dog

After great consideration and both parties deciding that  a new family member would be suitable for you, we need to make sure they bond with you and fit in with the families  lifestyle. We can then arrange a “meet and greet”,  at our sanctuary.

You are welcome to you come and visit your potential new family member as many times as you like before making the commitment to adopt.

The whole family must be 100% committed to wanting a rescue pet. The rewards are tremendous and rescue dogs and cats make loyal and faithful pets.

You need to remember that they are needy and often disturbed by their past treatment. Please consider whether you have the time, patience and love to give to such an animal. Many are confused and anxious and it can affect them greatly when people adopt them then return them within a short time, without giving enough time to settle into their new life.

If you make the decision to go ahead and adopt, you will be subject to a home check where a member of our team will come and visit you at your home to make sure you live in a suitable environment for the animal you are applying for.

Once approved we will complete the Adoption Agreement with you and you will be asked to pay a minimum donation that will go towards to running costs of our Charity. From this point  you will be responsible for all veterinary fees and  will be under the obligation of all points covered in the Adoption Agreement. We offer lifetime support to all every animal rehomed by us, and are on hand with advice and support throughout that time. Please be 100% committed before adopting. 


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